The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Podcast 7

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Join Joey and Holly as they talk all about canning. They cover some great topics as to what you cannot can, new segment – Tell Me What You Really Think. Our guest is Master Food Preserver of Wisconsin, Christina Ward. They also talk about home canned item’s shelf life ( &

What you cannot can: Fats – Oil, Mayonnaise Dairy – butter,  milk,  cheese, sour cream, cream (whipping or heavy), yogurt (greek or other), buttermilk, goat or any other animal milk, tofu, soy Veggies – broccoli, brussel sprouts (pickled ok), cabbage(pickled ok, Sauerkraut) cauliflower (pickle ok), eggplant (pickled ok), summer squash (pickled ok), olives (pickled ok), lettuce, artichokes, mashed parsnips, mashed squash, mash potatoes, mashed pumpkin  Do not add: Oats, wheat, barley, grains, rice, bread, noodles or pasta, hominy, crackers,  biscuits,  pie dough, eggs Do not use thickeners:Cornstarch, tapioca, arrowroot, flour, Wondra flour, cornmeal,  soup bases, package mixes like taco mix or ranch dressing Food recipes: pumpkin butter, pudding, cream soups or cream veggies, refried beans,  peanut butter,  Pesto, chocolate made from milk solids, quickbreads Fruits: mashed bananas, avocados, coconut milk Meats: avoid high fat , pate, liver and giblets, hot dogs, meats with fillers Candy: caramels, peppermints, marshmallow


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