Speaking Request


2019 Garden talk at Bluemel’s Garden & Landscape Center

* Ask about our multi talk discount.

If you’d like Joey & Holly to speak at your event, please fill out the form below. We enjoy meeting and talking to people who share our passion for growing their own food.

Topics we’ve talked about previously:
-Growing Peppers
-10 problems You’ll Face in Your Vegetable Garden and Solving Them
-Best Ways to Grow Tomatoes
-10 Ways to Maximize Garden Production No Matter the Size
-Importance of Building Your Soil
-Basics of Canning ( no cooking or tasting )
-Basics of Seed Starting
-Reasons to Grow Organically
-Growing in Straw Bales
-Growing Great Garlic
-Growing Potatoes in Container and Ground
-Growing Yacons (Smallanthus sonchifolius)
– Growing root crops successfully (best in fall to prepare for spring or before March)
– Growing vine crops
– Weed, Water and Feed
– 10 Common Garden myth debunked by science

We can speak on a wide range of topics other than the ones listed above.


Our popular garden talks are now available to you virtually anywhere – check out the video below!


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