“Joey and Holly who manage the Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener do an incredible job with their radio shows, videos and social media posts. Their information is down to earth, easy to follow and helpful for all gardeners from beginners to advanced. They are personable and professional. The best part is the information is sustainable and eco-friendly. The cooking tips add another dimension to their posts so everyone can gain from their experience. Thanks Joey and Holly for all you do to make the world a greener and more beautiful place”

-Yolanda Vanveen Host of HowToGardenVideos.com

“Joey and Holly Baird consistently produce reliable home gardening and canning information and videos that are tried and true. They know what they’re talking about and I always enjoy watching their firsthand experiences and appreciate their organic approach and resourceful techniques for everything they do.”

-Joe Lamp’l – Growing A Greener World TV

“Joey and Holly Baird create educational and entertaining gardening content on a consistent basis! I check in to their website, Youtube page, and Facebook and always find solid gardening information presented in an easy-to-understand manner. Although I garden in a completely different garden zone, (Zone 9), I find myself picking up tips from these two passionate gardeners! Two thumbs up for Joey and Holly!”

Shirley Bovshow, ” Garden World Report Show”

“Holly and Joey came to my classroom to teach my students about growing their own food. The children were excited to see the produce that Holly and Joey grew, especially since they showed how people can grow food within small spaces. The children were very interested and appreciative!”

Crystal Fiet – Bilingual Kindergarten Teacher, Racine, Wisconsin

“Holly and Joey Baird, The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardeners, are a wonderful gardeners. We have had the pleasure of working with them on podcasts, Google Hangouts and in person. They are always professional and are extremely knowledgeable about growing and preserving food. Have to say we learn a lot when we watch their videos and have employed many of their tips. The information they share is not only helpful, it is tried and true. We know we can count on what we learn from them.”

Kerrie Rosenthal and Carol Niec The Seed Keeper Company

For anyone interested in vegetable gardening in the upper mid-west, you really need to become familiar with Holly and Joey Baird.  They provide a continuous stream of educational and practical information on vegetable gardening, and are two people who practice what they preach.  Avid gardeners and vegetable specialists, they are leading the way as new media pioneers.  Subscribe, like, friend, follow or add them to your network, whatever you need to do, so you can keep track of what they have to say, it is always great information!

Joel Karsten – Author  and founder of Straw Bale Gardens



2 thoughts on “Testimonials

    Maryanne Darner said:
    May 26, 2014 at 17:42

    What part of Wisconsin do you garden in? Is everything video? We don’t have a very fast connection and have to wait through a lot of buffering. We are midway between Milwaukee and Madison.

      The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener responded:
      May 26, 2014 at 19:50

      We are just north of Milwaukee. We do a lot of videos, and we also have written articles, but if you have questions you can ask them or connect with us through facebook.

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