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 Podcast Highlights From:
The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Radio Show
2017, 2018 and 2019
The Gardening with Joey and Holly radio show 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Podcast Highlights:

2021 Interviews
Ellen Ecker Ogden
Dylan Bruce
Sean and Allison McManus
Jessica Walliser
Jennifer McGuinness aka Frau Zinnie
Tash Greer 
Kelly D Norris 
Joel Karsten
Wei Zhang
Joseph Tychonievich
Jeff Bernhard
Susan Mulvihill
Gary Pilarchik
Niki Jabbour
Christy Wilhelmi
Mr. Greenthumb – Stan DeFreitas
Wendy Silveira 
Joe Lamp’l
Gary Oppenheimer
Laureanna Raymond-Duvernell 
Kelly Orzel
Jennie Romer
Shirley Bovshow
James McCaroll
Paul Zimmerman 
Loree Bohl
Valerie Rice
Rebecca Louie
Brian DeVore
Steven Biggs
Amy Andrychowicz 
Eva Monheim
Carly MacQuarrie
Marjory Wildcraft
Robert Kourik

2021 Topics covered 
Buy your plants or start them?
Jump starting your garden 
What does it take to start a garden
Different types of gardening methods 
7 flowers to plant now for spring and summer
Squashes growing and problems
Building raised beds 
Brings birds in the garden 
Seedling Problems 
Uncommon backyard vegetables 
Maximizing your garden 
Life under the soil
Maximizing your garden

Growing tomatoes 
Good and bad Nematodes 
Growing herbs
Spring Lawn Care
Small space gardening 
Cucumber tips 
Free items that can help your garden 
Tree care 
Container gardening
Edible flowers
Fertilizer knowledge
Bug Control 
Mulch in the garden 
Strawberries what to do after the harvest 
Garden myths debunked 
How has the pandemic changed the garden world
Tomato growing tips 
Canning prep
Growing Mushrooms 
Spring seed saving 
Storing produce 
Animals in the garden 
Gardening no matter body size
Fall Gardening 
Farmers markets 
Summer Garden problems 
August to do list 
Products we would not use 
What to do with all the Zucchini 
Trap Plants 
Water bath Canning 
Tree planting/fall care 
Fall Lawn Care 
Protecting plants from the heat 
Seed saving
Garlic planting  
Understanding Flour 
Spring Garden prep 
Ripen tomatoes before frost 
Perennial vegetables
Fall fruit
Growing indoors edibles
Feed your soil 
Kitchen  hacks
Gardening that irritates us
Good and bad in our garden
The art of composting 
House plants 
Ornamental grasses
History of canning 
Urban Homesteading 
Nut trees
Starting Onions and Leeks  
Who are Joey and Holly Baird 

Gardener’s Questions 2021

Garden questions early March
Garden questions early mid March 
Garden questions mid March 
Garden questions end of March 
Garden questions last of March
Garden questions early April 
Garden questions early mid April 
Garden questions late April 
Garden questions end of April 
Garden questions beginning  of May
Garden question early mid May 
Garden questions mid May 
Garden questions end of May 
Garden questions beginning of June 
Garden questions middle of June 
Garden questions mid late June
Garden question end of June 
Garden questions end of June too
Garden questions early July 
Garden questions mid July 
Garden questions July 
Garden questions end of July 
Garden questions answer early August 
Garden questions answered mid August
Garden questions middle end of August 
Garden questions answered end of August 
Garden question answered early Sept 
Garden questions answered mid early Sept 
Garden questions answered mid Sept
Garden questions answered end of Sept 
Garden questions answered early Oct 
Garden questions answered early mid Oct
Garden questions answered Mid Oct 
Garden questions answered Mid late Oct 
Garden questions answered End of Oct
Last segment of season 5 


2020 Interviews
Atina Diffley 
Joe Lamp’l
Kim Eierman
Katie Elzer Peters
Kim Eierman
Joel Karsten 
Matt Mattus 
Melissa Norris 
Katie DuBow
Melinda Myers
James Prigioni
Bruce Galle 
Jill McSheehy
Linda Ly
Julie Cerny
Pam Farley 
Marion Nestle
Erin Schanen
Hendry Eaton and Jennifer Blaise Kramer
Alea Milham
Charles Malki
Karen Chapman
Dr. Rose Hayden smith
Sandra Smith
Bevin Cohen
Maria Colletti
Rob Greenfield 
Jackie Beyer
Katie The Booch Witch
Susannah Shmurak
Emma Toth
Author Wendy Williams
Pamela Crawford
Diane Devereaux
Sue Goetz

Topics covered in season 4 (2020)
 What to start indoor and what not to and why.
5 things that trip up new and all gardeners
How effective is companion plating?
What are Heirloom, organic, Hybrid, F1, F2, F3, and GMO seeds are.
4 fruit tree and 4 non fruit trees you can grow on your property
20 Deer resistant plants for you landscape
what types of fertilizers are there and how they work.
4 fruit tree and 4 non fruit trees you can grow on your property
Till or not till your garden?
What was the victory garden and will it come back in 2020?
Growing Okra anywhere not just the south
Seven Perennials are flowers to grow that will be great for years
8 heat proof spinach substitutes
Vegetables you can grow in partial shade
What to know before buying plants from your garden center
How to grow great tomatoes
Farmers Markets 
5 good and 5 bad bugs in the garden
Vine Crops 
Best crops to grow in containers
Growing Berry Bushes 
Four Big Garden Myths 
Four chemicals we would not use in our garden but you can 
Planting trees correctly 
4 proven slug control methods 
8 bugs you want in your garden
Gardening with pets
What are your plants telling you 
5 jobs still to do in June after the garden is planted 
5 tomato problems 
Canning what you grow 
How Gardening is effective on positive medial health –
Storing produce correctly 
Saving seed to save money 
Plants for security
Keeping you grass green all summer long 
Powdery Mildew
Fall planting 
Lesser known landfill facts
Glyphosate questions answered
What we learned in our garden in 2020
Problems in your garden 
The Importance of Bats
Repeated wrong gardening information 
Not all weeds are bad weeds
Pressure canning
Overwintering annuals vegetables 
Amending soil
Common tree diseases/problems
Growing great Garlic
Buying in bulk 
Freezer Prep
Pears and Apples 
What you should do in the garden in Sept
Winter yard prep
Saving seeds 
Indoor non edible house plants
Leaves for the garden
Growing food indoors over winter 
Evergreen tree care
Winter composting 
5 Spring preps in the Fall
Teas, spices & herbs
Common/uncommon Garden methods
What we would do different
killer compost/ poison soil 

Gardener’s Questions 2020
Garden questions answered for early March 
Garden questions answered for mid March
Garden questions answered from mid late March 
Garden questions answered from end of March 
Garden questions answered from Early April 
Garden questions answered from mid April
Garden questions answered from mid to late April 
Garden questions answered from end of April
Garden questions answered from early May 
Garden questions answered from Mid May 
Garden questions answered from mid late May
Garden questions answered from end of May 
Garden questions answered from last of May
Garden questions answered from early June 
Garden question answered from mid early June 
Garden questions answered from mid June 
Garden questions answered from later June 
Garden questions answered End of June 
Garden questions answered early July
Garden questions answered mid July 
Garden questions answered mid/late July 
Garden questions answered early August 
Garden questions answered early Mid August
Garden questions answered mid August
Garden questions answered late August 
Garden questions answered end of August 
Garden questions answered early Sept.
Garden questions answered mid Sept 
Garden questions answered mid later Sept
Garden questions answered late Sept
Garden questions answered early Oct
Garden questions answered mid Oct 
Garden questions answered mid late Oct |
Garden question answer Late Oct 
Thank you for 2020 last segment of the year

2019 Audio Interviews
Julie Thompson-Adolf
Vinnie a Simeone
William Moss
Ellen Polishuk 
The Old Alabama Gardener 
Joel Karsten 
Maia Toll
Ellen Zachos 
Christy Wilhelmi
Kelly Smith Trimble
Barbara Pleasant
Bobbie Schwartz
Jill Winger  
Sara Bir 
Jessica Aldridge
Wendy Kiang Spray  
Erik Knutzen  
Nick Federoff 
Jeff Lowenfels  
Kevin Espiritu
Holly Baird on safe canning
Lisa Eldred Steinkopf
Ann Accetta Scott
Marie Viljoen
Summer Rayne Oakes 
Doug Tallamy
Tammi Hatung
Rayna Andrews
Chris Mclaughlin
Shawna Coronado
Teri Chace
Luke Ruggenberg
Keri Wilt

2018 Audio Interviews
Emily Murphy
Lisa Rose
Jessica Walliser
Todd Heft
William Moss
Mary Lahr Schier
Greg Key
Joel Karsten
Michelle Balz 
Chicken expert Melissa Caughey 
Niki Jabbour
Carol Mitchell
Stacey Murphy
Jill McSheehy
Melissa K. Norris
Ryan graham
Mr. Green Thumb”, Stan DeFreitas
Kirsten and Christopher Shockey
Marisa McClellan
Mike Nowak and Peggy Malecki
Amy Stross
Jan Bujan
Reilly Brock
Dr Rachna Patel
Hunger Task Force
Dr. Lee Reich
Joe Lamp’l
Teresa O’Connor
Ashley Romero and Juan De los Rios
John Markowski
Marissa Lankes
Tess Burzynski
Paige Embry
Tovah Martin
Joni Abbott 

Topics covered in season 3 (2019)
What is winter sowing?
Starting seeds indoor correctly 
Planning and planting you garden
What to know before building/buying a greenhouse
Less common garden methods 
Cool weather vegetables you can plant right now
How much to plant for a yr of food
What to know before buying plants 
4 mistakes all gardeners make 
5 rules of gardening 
what plant you can grow that will give you a big return a big harvest 
How to grow great tomatoes 
Bad social media garden tips 
Why we do not till our garden
Vegetable and herbs you can grow in Partial shade.
Bad garden tips on Social media
what you need to know before adding coffee grounds in your garden
7 tips to get more out of your garden 
The impact of intensive gardening
Five crops not to grow in your garden and why
Planting tress 101
Container Gardening from start to finish what you need to know
Alternatives to chemical fertilizer
 Tomato diseases and what to look for also how to prevent them.
what are nematodes
10 bugs you do want in your garden 
10 crops that will grow great in container
The value of Bats 
Not all weeds are bad 
Growing herbs the cooking kind.
Common garden pest
Tree care/ Iv organic products 
 Importance and value of Bees
How to keep your tomatoes healthy all season long and producing
2nd summer crops you can plant and fall crops
Framers markets
Things you do not need to worry about in your garden
Life Under the soil.
Storing food without canning
Weeding The Garden
The science of the compost pile
Watering your garden 
Using Essential oils in and out of the garden
How to deal with powdery mildew in your garden
How to build cold frames
Odd Garden remedies that actually work
 Microbes are so important  
Hemp Facts 
Right way to store produce
what you need to do before you bring your potted plants in for the winter. 
Right leaves for the garden
September garden to do list 
Common plant diseases – identify and solve
Cooking with tomatoes 
7 Things you can not recycle
community gardens 101
Cooking oils
Ripen tomatoes before frost
What to do with extra pears and apples 
Fall tree care tips
Growing indoors over winter
What didn’t work in your garden this year
Planting fall garlic 
Why you need to cover your soil
House plants you should have 
Building your soil for spring 
History of the Pumpkin 
October garden jobs 
Freezer meals  

Topics covered in season 2 (2018)
What to do over winter 7:53
Algal bloom 11:53
How organic is the food labeled organic 9:33
Overwintering plants 10:57
Plant based energy sources 10:58
Lessons they have learned in the garden this year 12:01
Misconception of being a prepper 10:55
5 things you can make at home that you may thought you only could buy 10:42
Power of leaves 9:10
what do you can do with Pumpkins besides caving them 13:14
Summer clean 10:09
Saving seeds 11:11
How to deal with slugs 9:53
5 Unique ways some vegetables grow 12:21
Planting fall bulbs for spring 11:28
Growing indoors over winter 11:06
Fridge preserving 11:11
Preserving herbs 11:11
Deal with powdery mildew 9:04
Planting fall garlic 13:45
Cold frames low tunnels 10:21
Building your soil 10:47
what is Mycorrhizae 9:18
Invasive plants in Wisconsin 10:33
Fall planting what can go in the ground now 10:14
Watering how to do it what to do it right  10:46
The mittleider garden method 8:40
Who influenced you to garden  10:18
Canning tips 9:19
Five Dehydrating Mistakes 11:04
Tomato plant problems 10:36
Foliar feeding 9:26
4 chemicals gardeners use we do not recommend 10:14
Weeding your garden 9:48
Back to Eden gardening method 9:53
weeds in your garden that you can eat 10:49 What is micro farming 7:55
how to feed your plants 10:51
What is kombucha & How to make it 10:38
Debunking common garden myths 7:37
3 methods of organic pest control 12:22
Problems you are having in your Garden 9:50
The 2.5 million dollar garden 7:47
5 herbs you should be growing 8:34
Growing sweet corn 6:48

Power of worms 11:08
Collecting rain water 6:42
Farmer’s Markets  7:49
composting large and small 9:08
Rain water collection 6:41
Growing tomatoes, 11:05
5 tips for a better container garden 6:50
Mulch the Good and the Bad for the garden 10:16
Perennial plants that will work to feed you 11:50
Why and how to bring birds in the garden 9:23
The Value of having School Gardeners Segment 10:48 
How much to plant for the year for a family of four 9:11
12 time saving tips for you in your garden  9:45
Ways you can not get burned out during the gardening season and not to give up 6:05
Vegetables you can grow in Partials Shade  9:50
Mistakes they have made in their garden. (segment) 9:42
Berry plants bushes info to know before planting them
The cheapest crops to grow that cost the most in the store
Tomato Varieties We would recommend You Grow (segment) 9:32

Sq FT vs Row gardening pros & cons (segment) 10:36

Why not to buy seeds from sites like eBay and Amazon (segment) 9:09
Starting seeds indoors in the spring correctly (Segment) 12:13
What to know before just buying seeds for your garden (segment 8:24
Building Your Soil on the Cheap and Free (Segment) 9:41 

Gardener’s Questions 2019
Garden questions answered from 3-2-19
Garden questions answered from 3-9-19
Garden questions answered from 3-16-19
Garden questions answered from 3-23-19
Garden questions answered from 3-30-19 
Garden questions answered from 4-6-19
Garden questions answered from 4-13-19 
Garden questions answered from 4-20-19 
Garden questions answered from 4-27-19
Garden questions answered from 5-4-19
Garden questions answered from 5-11-19
Garden questions answered from 5-18-19
Garden questions answered from 5-25-19
Garden questions answered from 6-1-19

Garden questions answered from 6-8-19
Garden questions answered from 6-15-19 
Garden questions answered from 6-22-19
Garden questions answered from 6-29-19
Garden questions answered from 7-6-19
Garden questions answered from 7-13-19
Garden questions answered from 7-20-19
Garden questions answered from 7-27-19
Garden questions answered from 8-3-19
Garden questions answered from 8-10-19
Garden questions answered from 8-17-19
Garden questions answered from 8-24-19
Garden questions answered from 8-31-19
Garden questions answered from 9-7-19
Garden questions answered from 9-14-19 1 of 2
Garden questions answered from 9-14-19 2 of 2
Garden questions answered from 9-21-19
Garden questions answered from 9-28-19
Garden questions answered from 10-5-19
Garden questions answered from 10-12-19
Garden questions answered from 10-19-19
Last segment of season 3 thank yous

Gardener’s Questions 2018
Gardeners questions from across the country from 3-3-18 10:20
Gardeners questions from across the country  from 3-10-18 8:49
Gardeners questions from across the country  From 4-7-18 9:58
Gardeners questions from across the country  From 3-17-18 8:24
Gardeners garden questions from across the country  3-24-18 10:00
Gardeners garden questions from across the country 3-31-18 13:24
Gardener’s Questions bonus segment part 1 from 4-21-18 10:16 
Gardeners garden questions from across the country 4-14-18 8:03 
Gardeners garden questions from across the country 4-21-18  5:23
Gardeners Garden Questions from across the country 4-28-18 7:51
Gardeners garden questions from across the country  5-5-18 9:21
Gardeners garden questions from across the country 5-12-18 9:20
Gardeners garden questions from across the country 5-19-18 6:42 
Gardeners garden questions from across the country 5-26-18 8:43
Gardeners garden questions from across the country 6-2-18 7:31
Gardeners garden questions from across the country 6-9-18 9:01
Gardeners garden questions from across the country 6-16-18 7:37
Gardeners garden questions from across the country 6-23-18 8:25
Gardeners garden questions from across the country 6-30-18 5:30
Gardeners garden questions from across the country 7-7-18 9:46
Gardeners garden questions from across the country 7-14-18 7:19
Gardeners garden questions from across the country 7-21-18 7:38
Gardeners garden questions from across the country 7-28-18 7:43
Gardeners garden questions from across the country 8-4-18 7:34
Gardeners garden questions from across the country 8-11-18 7:30
Gardeners garden questions from across the country 8-18-18 7:40
Gardeners garden questions from across the country 8-25-18 5:30
Gardeners garden questions from across the country 9-1-18 7:18
Gardeners garden questions from across the country 9-8-18 7:57
Gardeners garden questions from across the country 9-22-18 5:58
Gardeners garden questions from across the country 9-29-18 8:03
Gardeners garden questions from across the country 10-06-18 8:51
Gardeners garden questions from across the country 10-13-18 9:06
Gardeners garden questions from across the country 10-20-18 9:56
Last segment of season 2 thank you 10:38

Season 1 Interviews 2017
William Moss (Audio Interview Only) 15:02
William Moss #2 (Audio Interview Only) 16.14
Michael S. Carolan (Interview Only ) 12:12

Megan Cain (interview only) 13:21
Joe Lam’l (Audio Interview Only) 11:55
John Kohler YouTuber Host of Growingyourgreens.com (Audio Interview Only)15:30
Stacy Tornio (Interview only) 11:07
Pam of brownthumbmama.com (Interview Only) 13:12
Kyle T Cherek​ Host of Wisconsin Foodie on PBS ( Audio Interview Only) 13:35
Amanda of Freedom Acres (Audio Interview only) 11:47 
Jessica Walliser (Audio interview Only) 14:21
Christina Ward Master Canner (Audio Interview Only) 14:05
Jan Campbell (interview Only) 12:03
Frugal Green Girl (interview Only) 10:51
Rhonda Fleming Hayes (interview Only) 13:36
Brienne Arthur (interview only) 13:51
Straw bale gardening with Joel Karsten (Audio Interview Only) 17:32
Sharon Morrisey “horticulturist” (interview Only) 14:32
Niki Jabbour Garden Radio Host and Author (Audio Interview Only)  12:17
Shawna Corando Author (Audio Interview Only) 14:48
Doug Oster (Audio Interview Only) 11:03
Gary Oppenheimer (Interview Only ) 13:16
Mike Nowak (Audio Interview Only) 12:59
Southeastern Wisconsin NORML (interview Only)
Pam of brownthumbmama.com (Interview Only) 13:12
Cancer survivor & Author Jenny Peterson (Audio Interview Only) 11:55
Executive Director at Alice’s Garden​ Venice Williams​ (Audio Interview only) 13:19
Donna Balzer (interview Only) 14:25
 Christy Wilhelmi Author (Audio Interview Only) 12:52
The Seed Keepers (interview only) 14:24
Robert Scott Bell homeopathic practitioner ( Interview only)12:31 

Topics covered in season 1 (2017)
Food waste in America (Segment only) 10:21
Home Fermentation (Segment Only) 10:57
Controlling Weeds now and next spring (Segment Only) 9:02
Organic products you should buy or make (segment only)  8:21
Understanding Microbes ( segment only) 11:50
Persevering without canning(segment only) 9:32
5 Mistakes Canners Make (Segment only) 9:26 
Growing sprouts ( segment only) 9:17
Problems with our Tomatoes this Year ( segment only) 9:21
Growing Great Garlic (Segment only)  12:52
11 things to do with Pears & Apples (Segment only) 11:22
To get Tomatoes ripen before frost  segment only  10:14
Why Garden? (segment only) 12:42
Putting The Garden To Bed (segment only)  9:57
6 house plants that are big Oxygen Producers  (segment only) 10:18
Homemade Vinegar (segment only) 10:22
What is Hugelkultur? (segment only) 6:50
Winterizing your Home (segment only) 10:42 
The Importance of leaves in your garden (segment only) 12:37

What to do with grass clippings 9:03
History of the Blue Canning Jar (segment only) 10:14
Essential oil what are they (Segment Only) 10:33
How to be more zero waste (segment only) 10:03
What To Do With All That Zucchini (audio Segment only) 8:26
Why to Pick Cast iron Cookware (segment only) 11:00
Starting a garden next spring 9:20 
Debunking Common Garden Myths pt 4 12:31

5 July Garden Tips (Audio Segment Only)

Growing Okra (Audio Segment Only) 8:21
Why You Should Can Some of your Food (Audio segment Only) 8:36
The Does and Don’ts  of Canning (Audio Segment Only) 12:29
5 Things to grow indoors over winter (segment only) 9:30
Alternatives To All Purpose Flour (Audio Segment Only) 9:24
Debunking Common Garden myths #3 (Audio segment only) 10:12

Growing Peas Spring & Fall (segment Only) 10:03

Farmer’s Markets Info to know ( segment only) 9:26
Composting 101 (Audio Segment Only)

Good Bugs in the Garden (Audio Segment Only) 9:27
Growing Cucumbers (Audio Segment only) 9:01
Before you Plant your Trees and Bushes (Audio segment Only) 9:17
Planting Compact Vegetable (Audio Segment Only)
Organic vs Chemical in the Garden (Audio Segment Only) 10:34
6 unusual vegetables growing in zone 5 (Audio Segment only) 11:36
6 Summer Crops To Grow From Seed (Audio segment Only) 10:53
Clean 15 and The Dirty Dozen (Audio Segment Only)  8:53
Debunking Common Garden Myths (Audio Segment Only)  20:01
Garden Practices That Really Work (Audio Segment Only) 9:29
What Are GMO’S Are They Good Or Bad (Audio Segment Only) 6:44
 How Healthy is Your Soil? (Audio Segment Only) 9:40
Mulch The Good And The Bad (Audio Segment Only) 10:06
5 Lost Vegetable You May Not Be Planting (Audio Segment Only) 8:34
Starting your Garden (Audio Segment Only) 10:02
Companion Planting Does It Work ?  (Audio Segment Only) 10:23
Small Urban Garden Ideas (Audio Segment Only) 10:10
Picking Herbs to Plant (Audio Segment Only) 8:23
How Much Can You Plant In your Garden (Audio Segment Only) 11:31
4 Tips on Planting Tomatoes (Audio Segment Only) 7:55
What Happened to the Victory Garden (Audio Segment Only) 7:08
Rosarian Teresa Byington (Audio Interview Only ) 11:05
Pollinators Are More Than Just Bees (Audio Segment Only) 8:38
Shouldn’t Earth Day Be Everyday (Audio Segment only) 9:58
What to look at in your garden ( Audio Segment Only) 12:16
6 Ways to Lessen Stress On Your Plants (audio segment only) 11:13
What is Good & Bad in The Garden (Audio Segment Only) 10:31
Powdery Mildew (Audio Segment only) 9:50