Season Five of Garden Talk Radio (press release)

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The Gardening with Joey and Holy Radio show
March 6th weekend – October 30th weekend

Airing in:
Milwaukee, Wisconsin Saturdays 7-8 AM CST on Joy 1340 AM & 98.7 FM
Denver, Colorado Saturdays 9-10 AM MST (replay Sundays 4-5 MST) on KHNC 1360 AM
Southeast Michigan Sundays 7-8 AM EST on WAAM 1600 AM & 92.7 FM
Utah Saturdays 1-2 PM MST (replay 1-2 PM MST) on KYAH 540 AM
Chippewa Falls, WI Sundays 9-10 AM CST on WOGO 680 AM & 103.1 FM
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Saturdays 6-7 AM EST (replay Monday 6-7 PM EST) on WMBS 590 AM & 101.1 FM
Minneapolis, Minnesota Saturdays 4-5 PM CST (replay Sundays 2-3 PM) on KDIZ 1570 AM
Boston, Massachusetts Saturdays 8-9 AM EST (replay Sundays 5-6 AM EST) on WCRN 830 AM
Kansas City, Missouri Saturdays 6-7 AM CST (replay Sundays 10-11 CST) on KFEQ 680 AM & 107.9 FM
Yankton, South Dakota Sundays 10-11AM CST on WNAX 570 AM

Replays are also available on all major podcast platforms

About the show:
Each week hosts Joey and Holly cover many topics from growing vegetables to lawn care, tree maintenance plus canning what you grow. They interview garden specialist from across the country. Joey and Holly also answer question from listeners. The show originates out of Milwaukee, WI

For questions email Gardentalkradio@gmail.com
Call in hotline 1-800-927-SHOW

How Healthy is Your Soil & Pollinators The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Radio show #10

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The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener​ Radio Show from 5-6-17 In studio video on 860AM WNOV​ Topics:Joey and Holly talk about: How healthy is your soil? and pollinators their more then just bees also guest author of Gardening for Geeks Christy Wilhelmi  http://gardenerd.com/ plus callers questions and emails.

Nesalla Kombucha

MI Gardener

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Tree Ripe Citrus and Peaches



Greenstalk Garden

Plant Success

Really Granola

Mantis Plant Protection

IV Organics

Art of the Garden

Woodmans Food Stores

Riverwest Co-op


Hodgson Mill  

Root Assassin Shovel

Bluemel’s Garden & Landscape Center