Audio S2E21 Five Dehydrating Mistakes, successful canning tips, Guest author Amy Stross

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Top 5 Dehydrating Mistakes Are at:
Don’t Over or Under Dehydrate
Don’t Dehydrate the Wrong Thickness of Food, Chip, or Cracker.
Don’t Dehydrate at the wrong temperature
Don’t Forget to Taste Test Your Dehydrator Recipes before Dehydrating
Don’t Store Dehydrated Food in Baggies or improperly sealed containers.

Tips for successful canning:
Do you even want to can that?
Keep it clean – be safe
Read the recipe – do you have all the ingredients and enough time?
Right equipment on hand
Use the freshest produce
Don’t overwhelm yourself – start small

Amy Stross is an author and blogger living in OH. She is an urban homesteader, student and home economist. She writes all about micro farming, modern homesteading and more!
1.How did you get into being a small urban farmer?
2.You grow on a very small area, tell us about your homestead…is it just vegetables or do you have animals as well?
3.What is a modern homestead? Many people think of a homestead as livestock, grain stock, and more….what makes a homestead modern?
4.You manage a CSA, what is a CSA for those who are not familiar?
5.What are some tips for starting a garden on a small budget?
6.How can people find out more about you? check out highlights of past show podcast and video


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