S2E20 Foliar feeding, Plant problems, Guest Mike Nowak and Peggy Malecki. TWVG radio show

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Replay of The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Radio Show from 7-14-18 on 860AM WNOV and W293cx 106.5 FM Milwaukee WI,
listen here during show hours Saturdays 9-10 am CST https://tinyurl.com/zvh5kaz
Thank you for listening and downloading the show
Topics: Joey and Holly talk about Foliar feeding your plants, Plus plant problems and in studio guests from The Mike Nowak Show, on WCGO 1590am https://mikenowak.net/about/ Mike Nowak and Peggy Malecki https://1590wcgo.com/
Foliar feed
– Sprayed on the plants
– Weed tea
– Epsom salt mixed with water
– Best in evening
– Leaves absorb nutrients very well
– If pH is off, the plants may absorb less from the soil and better absorb through the leaves
– Spray both sides of the leaves
– If using non organic to foliar feed – its less likely to go in the soil and will be more absorbed by the plant
Plant problems
– Japanese beetle
– Squash vine borer
– Lack of water
– Early blight
– Tomato horn worm
– Blossom end rot
– Sunburn of pepper


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