S3E6 Growing great tomatoes, Plant a few of these and get a large return, Guest Author Joel Karsten

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S2 E32 – 5 items to make at home, Misconception of preppers, Guest Tess Burzynski – TWVG radio show

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Topics: Joey and Holly talk about 5 things you can make at home that you may thought you only could buy at the store. Also Misconception of being a prepper. their guest Tess Burzynski of
Things to make at home items
Raw vinegar
Vanilla or other extracts
Fruit leather
Misconception of being a prepper
a person who believes a catastrophic disaster or emergency is likely to occur in the future and makes active preparations for it, typically by stockpiling food, ammunition, and other supplies.
Expecting apocalypse
Live in bunker
Stockpile guns

Tess Burzynski is the founder, head educator and cultivator at Fungi Freights Urban Farm and Environmental Studio. A Science degree graduate from Wayne State University, she works as an Environmental Project Manager and continues doing research with Mycoremediation in the city of Detroit.
1.Are mushrooms classified as a fungi?
2.Growing your own mushrooms – is it easier than many people realize?
3.What are some easy mushrooms to grow – indoors or outdoors?
4.It has been said you have to really know what mushrooms are when foraging – how important is to know if a mushroom is safe to consume?
5.What is fungi-freights? What makes them different?
6.Is there any good literature/guides available to determine what wild mushrooms are ok or not?
7.What is the difference between a normal mushroom and a psychedelic mushroom?
8.How can we find out more about you?