One thought on “Compost Complications, Corn in Containers and Poison Trees – The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener

    Vi said:
    July 8, 2015 at 09:35

    Don’t replant those black walnut trees. Their roots extend at least 50 feet past their drip line and your property looks to be to small to accommodate that. I unfortunately had a lot of black walnuts when I moved to my property and have been getting rid of them little by little. The squirrels will keep burying the nuts in your food garden and that is a problem when one comes up in the middle of summer when the veggies are growing. You can’t dig it out then and it is putting its toxins into the soil. Also all those that are coming up in your video could be just from the roots from the neighbors tree that was taken down. They will do that too. I removed a small grove of seedlings and within a week had hundreds of baby walnuts coming up all over the area.

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