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Harvesting, Carrots Growing + More Eco Garden House Grow Indoors 247365 The WI Vegetable Gardener

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Joey Harvest more tomatoes check on the carrots that were planted under a 2×4 and some of the propagation plants look ready to plant

Where you can buy the Eco Garden House.
What is the Eco Garden House? It is the best all in 1 indoor growing unit you can buy. In this the 1st in a series of video on growing indoors with the Eco garden house Joey give a tour and talks about the great features the Eco Garden House has to offer to make growing indoor so easy. ecogardenhouse.com

The Eco Garden Houseā„¢ is a fully self-contained indoor gardening system that simulates natural conditions and comes with everything you need to grow vitamin rich fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and plants right in your own home.

Planting Leaf Lettuce and Swiss Chard from Seed The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener

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Joey shows an easy way to start Swiss Chard and Leaf Lettuce from seed indoors to get a jump start on the growing season