S3E12 Tomato diseases, alternatives to chemical fertilizer, Guest Bobbie Schwartz – TWVG radio show

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The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Podcast 15

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Join Joey and Holly as they talk about cold frames, getting your garden ready for winter, homemade cleaners and speak with writer, radio host and garden guru Doug Oster ( about cold weather planting, perennials and more!

The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Podcast Show 5

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Join Joey & Holly talk about powdery mildew the problem that most gardener’s face in their gardens over the summer. And it’s all about growing up vertical gardening what you can use to get more out of use garden space no matter the size. They welcome their guest John Jordan from Winchester Gardens of As they talk Fertilizer, Organic Plant Food and more. And what perennial you may what to make space for in your garden. Ways to control powdery mildew: