S7E12 dealing with Mosquitoes ,pole, bush and dry beans, Guest Live Earth Products -The Gardening with Joey and Holly radio show

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Cold hot cold hot

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The Gardening with Joey and Holly radio show helps gardeners grow food across the country in the 2023 garden season. The show is hosted by husband and wife team Joey and Holly Baird. The show in 2023 is heard on 20 stations in 16 plus markets and in some parts of 26 states across the country, Milwaukee, WI, Ann Arbor, MI, Cortez, CO Denver, CO, Pittsburgh, Pa Chippewa Falls, WI, Minneapolis, MN, Boston, MA, St. Joseph, MO, Ava,IL Cleveland, OH and Sioux Falls, SD. The coverage for these stations are very large Click here. If you are not in the area of the show’s broadcast? No problem, listen online here click on the station logo during air time. 

Season 7 episode 12 of 2023. Joey and Holly talk about how to deal with Mosquitoes in your garden in segment 1. In segment 2 it is about the bush beans, pole beans and dry beans. In segment 3 they welcome their guest Russell Taylor, VP of Live Earth Products, Inc. to learn more about Live Earth Products click here .In segment four, Joey and Holly will be answering garden questions. You can submit your garden question by emailing the address or call and leave a message for Joey and Holly at 1-800-927 SHOW and they will call you back. If you miss the show you can catch up. Thanks to all the sponsors they make the show possible without them there would be no show. Save money with coupon codes from sponsors click here
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