The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Podcast 23

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Join Joey and Holly Baird as they talk about the real costs of gardening, the environmental report with Mike Nowak of http://mikenowak.net. Also, special guest Aaron Thatcher. He is a very knowledgeable gardener and homesteader from the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. https://www.youtube.com/user/athatcher85


The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Podcast 8

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Click to listen to podcast 8! 


Coming up on the program Joey & Holly talk about what it takes to garden on a budget. New segment “Tell me what you really think”. They will talk about planning and starting your fall cool crops. They welcome their guest, Christina Salwitz of http://www.personalgardencoach.wordpress.com, as they talk about what a gardening coach does and how to better use your property to grow on-saving you labor, time and money on achieving your garden goals. Plus ways to double some of your perennials patches.