S2 E25 Buliding your soil, cold frames, Amy from Hunger task force TWVG radio show

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Topics: Joey and Holly talk about building your soil. Building and growing in cold frames also Amy from Milwaukee’s Hunger task force. https://www.hungertaskforce.org/
Building your soil:
– Current issues?
– Test your soil
– Adding organic material
– Raised beds could be an option
– Straw bale garden?
– Build soil in container
– Layer – don’t disturb soil – no till
– Mulch
– Rotate crops
– Cover crops
Cold frames:
– What is a cold frame?
– When to plant?
– What to plant?
– How many layers?
– Low tunnel
– Where to put it?

Hunger Task Force is Milwaukee’s Free & Local food bank and Wisconsin’s leading anti-hunger organization. They were founded in 1974 by a group of parent advocates who were fighting for a school breakfast program in Milwaukee Public Schools. Today, Hunger Task Force provides a safety net of emergency food to a network of local food pantries and meal programs. We are the only food bank in Milwaukee that does not charge for food, delivery or network membership.Amy Wallner started as Farm Volunteer Coordinator at The Farm in March 2014. Since February of the following year, Amy has had a lead role in designing and implementing the Hunger Task Force Farm annual crop plan, striving to provide a consistent harvest of 20+ fruit and vegetable varieties throughout the growing season. She is also responsible for continuous farm operation improvements, including visioning for the farm’s multi-year sustainability plan and equipment upgrades.
1. Who is eligible to receive the food from the hunger task force?
2. In addition to the facility where people can drop off food, you have a farm in Franklin. Tell us more about the farm, what is grown there, and where does that food go?
3. Aside from providing food, what other resources do you have available?
4. How many pounds of food is give away each year?
5. Is all food locally sourced donated? Or is food brought in from other regions?
6. If people don’t want to donate, can they volunteer their time?
7. Can people donate money instead of food?
8. Is Milwaukee unique that we have a hunger task force or is there other similar organizations in other large cities like this?
9. How do people find more info?
When is garlic cured?
When to harvest watermelon?


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