S2E19 Weeding your garden, chemicals not to use in the garden, Marisa McClellan TWVG radio show

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Topics: Joey and Holly talk about weeding your garden so there are fewer weeds next time, four chemicals people use in their garden that Joey and Holly do not recommend you use. their guest Marisa McClellan of http://foodinjars.com/
Root removal – use biosafe – how weeds propagate – black plastic – do a section at a time not to be overwhelmed – let some weeds stay (aphids) – make sure you’re pulling weeds and not plants –
4 chemicals gardeners use we do not recommend
Sevin – powder for bugs – can cause problems if inhaled or swallowed – convuslions, coma, etc. cause skin problems if in contact with skin – harmful to pets
Preen – Trifluralin is a commonly used pre-emergence herbicide – harmful to aquatic life
Sethoxydim is a selective herbicide that will kill only grassy-type weeds
Round up – glyphosate
Biosafe – Ammonium nonanoate is a nonsystemic, broad-spectrum contact herbicide that has no soil activity – water soluable – Ammonium nonanoate is made from ammonia and nonanoic acid, a carboxylic acid widely distributed in nature, mainly as derivatives (esters) in such foods as apples, grapes, cheese, milk, rice, beans, oranges, and potatoes and in many other nonfood sources.
Marisa McClellan is a full-time food writer and canning teacher, and is the voice behind Food in Jars. She is the author of 3 canning related books and soon another one. And 2 of her recipes won me awards in the WI state fair canning competition.
1.You do a lot of small batch canning – there seems to be a misconception you have to can in large amounts – tell us more about small batch canning?
2.Many people may think you have a large garden or on a small hobby farm as a food preserver, but you are not, tell us about where you live, doing all of this canning?
3.How did you get into canning?
4.When you teach classes – what is a common question youre asked and the solution?
5.How do you avoid canning burnout?
6.How do people find out more about you and your book?


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