S2E15 Problems in the Garden, bug control, blogger podcaster Melissa K Norris TWVG Radio Show

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Replay of The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Radio Show from 6-9-18 on 860AM WNOV and W293cx 106.5 FM Milwaukee WI,
listen here during show hours Saturdays 9-10 am CST https://tinyurl.com/zvh5kaz
Topics: Joey talks about Problems you are having in your Garden and how to solve them, Organic bug control blogger podcaster Melissa K Norris of https://melissaknorris.com/

5 problems you are facing in your vegetable gardening and how to solve them
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June bugs
Bolting plants
Animals in the garden
3 methods of organic pest control
Keep the plant watered
Use your figures
Us other bugs lady bugs praying medizes birds
Blast with a hose
Harvest regular leafy greens this apples to leafy greens kales swiss chard leaf Lettuce early on
Beneficial insects, such as ladybugs, spine soldier bugs and lacewing, feed on eggs and the young larval stages.
Melissa is a homesteader, podcaster and blogger from Washington state. She loves learning new skills, adding to her old ones, and more.
1. You had a cancer scare and that helped you make some changes – can you tell us more about that and those changes and benefits?
2. You have a radio show/podcast too….what kind of topics do you cover and what is the format?
3. You have a great recipe for a dandelion salve on your website. Many people don’t realize how beneficial they are and quick to spray them. What are some benefits of dandelions for us as humans and even some of our insect friends?
4. You have a post on garden myths on your website – we love talking about gardening myth – whats one you learned and really benefitted from?
5. What are you ideal ways to amend your soil if its either too acidic or too alkaline?
6. Why do you grow organically ?
7. How can we find out more about you?


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