Small Urban Planting & Bugs That are not Your Friend The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Radio show #11

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The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener​ Radio Show from 5-13-17 In studio video on 860AM WNOV​ Topics:Joey and Holly talk about: Talk about small urban planting ideals also 6 bugs that are not your friend in your summer garden . Also author and garden radio host from Philadelphia Doug Oster and questions from listeners plus callers questions and emails.

Nesalla Kombucha

MI Gardener

Beans & Barley

Tree Ripe Citrus and Peaches



Greenstalk Garden

Plant Success

Really Granola

Mantis Plant Protection

IV Organics

Art of the Garden

Woodmans Food Stores

Riverwest Co-op


Hodgson Mill  

Root Assassin Shovel

Bluemel’s Garden & Landscape Center


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