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How to plant herbs

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Joey shows how to plant herbs in the Rootmaker tray. He show to keep them watered as they take a very long time to germinate. Garden questions email Rootmaker trays and grow bags (use Radio21) to save 15% on your order Grow lights from Happy leaf led

What is a leggy plants? Garden Tip

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Do you or have you had leggy plants here is what leggy plants mean and how to prevent it. Garden questions email grow light from

Why can’t I get onions to grow good where I live? Starting onions and leeks from seed

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Join Joey as he answers the question Why can’t I get onions to grow good where I live? He also shows how to start onion and leeks from seed.
In this video seeds used from Seed Savers Exchange Grow bags from RootMaker Products Company Use Coupon code TWVG to get 10% of your order And grow lights from Happy Leaf LEDĀ 

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