FridgeSmart Tupperware Review

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We recently had Amanda, a Tupperware consultant, contact us to see if we wanted to test out the FridgeSmart Tupperware.  This is a style of Tupperware made specifically for fruit and vegetable storage.  It is designed to have your fruits and vegetables last longer with a special venting system to prevent spoilage. Fruits and vegetables still need to “breath” after harvest.  This allows that to happen.  There is even a handy chart on the side to tell you how to set the vent for each specific fruit or vegetable.

The Test

We decided to test strawberries, as we had just gone strawberry picking.  We put about half a dozen in the FridgeSmart container, and the same amount in a generic store bought reusable container.  We placed them in the fridge and checked on them every day.  After 18 days the strawberries in the FridgeSmart container were still looking good.  The ones in the generic container were beginning to mold. We’re actually on day 20 now and still going well with the strawberries in the FridgeSmart containers.


Here is the top view, the FridgeSmart container is on the left, as you can see there is a vent near the top.



Sideview, FridgeSmart container is on top, as you can see there is an easy to read and view chart



After 18 days, mold forming on strawberries in generic container (left).


I would highly recommend these to anyone that needs to store and keep fresh fruit or vegetables in the fridge.

If you want to order Tupperware FridgeSmart please contact Amanda Johnson through her website or you can email her at