Press Release 2023 Garden talk radio Season 7

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The Gardening with Joey and Holy Radio show
Season 7 will air March 4th weekend – October 28th weekend

Replays are also available on all major podcast platforms

About the show:
Each week hosts Joey and Holly cover many topics from growing vegetables to lawn care, tree maintenance plus canning what you grow. They interview garden specialist from across the country. Joey and Holly also answer questions from listeners. The show originates out of Milwaukee, WI. Joey and Holly are the founders, host, producers marketing agents and more for the show, they do it all themselves. The show is self funded through companies Joey and Holly reach out to

For questions email
Call in hotline 1-800-927-SHOW

past show can be found


Season Six of Garden Talk Radio in Milwaukee

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Joey and Holly Baird husband and wife team are hosts of The Gardening with Joey and Holly Radio Show.  They are pleased to announce they will be hosting season 6 of The Gardening with Joey and Holly Radio Show airing for 35 weeks starting in March and airing to the end of October. The show is now on 18 different stations throughout the United States. The Show is based out of Milwaukee on WJYI 1340 AM & 98.7 FM (Joy 1340) airing Saturday mornings 7-8 AM and replaying from 7-8 PM CST. The show covers topics for vegetable gardening to lawn care from tree maintenance to landscaping and even preserving what you grow or buy. Joey and Holly talk with gardeners about basic garden techniques, garden myths, how to successfully grow a garden while dealing with common problems. They also interview gardening guests from all across North America. The weekly show is recorded in Joey and Holly’s home studio they build for the show.

Joey and Holly have funded the show for all six seasons themselves by countless hours of reaching out to find companies that sponsor the program.  For an interview email Joey and Holly at

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The Gardening with Joey and Holly radio show helps gardeners grow food across the country in the 2021 garden season. The show is hosted by husband and wife team Joey and Holly Baird. The show in 2021 is heard on 15 stations in 10 plus markets and in some part of 23 states across the country, Milwaukee, WI, Ann Arbor, MI, Utah, Denver, CO, Pittsburgh, Pa Chippewa Falls, WI, Minneapolis, MN, Boston, MA, St. Joseph, MO and Sioux Falls, SD. The coverage for some of these stations are very large Click here. If you are not in the area of the show’s broadcast? No problem, listen online here click on the station logo during air time. 

Season five episode 21 of 2021. Joey and Holly will be talking about common summer garden problems. In segment two they will go over some August jobs in the garden. Their guest is author Kelly Orzel to learn more about Kelly Click here. In segment four, Joey and Holly will be answering garden questions. You can submit your garden question by emailing the address or call and leave a message for Joey and Holly at 1-800-927 SHOW and they will call you back. If you miss the show you can catch up on Season  five here and past seasons here by podcast replay. Thanks to all the sponsors they make the show possible without them there would be no show.
See you on the radio