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One way to suppress the weeds around your perennial beds whether that be asparagus, berries or grapes is to utilize wood chips. We’ve got our first year asparagus plants planted. They are in there second year now, we still need to wait a year plus to harvest. Now we’ve put containers around them so we could mow in order to protect them, They Need proper sunlight in order to build the root system. One of the best way we can help suppress the weeds to reduce the amount of mowing we have to do is just use wood chips and just put an inch or two layer, now this is not a guarantee you stop all weeds but will greatly reduce the number of weeds coming up. You’ll begin to suppress them choke them out and you can also take an organic horticultural grade vinegar weed killer and touch up the ones that may be coming through so use wood chips in your perennial beds not necessarily in your vegetable beds.


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