The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Show 33

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Planting winter squash by trellis, Reference video Butternut squash, green Hubbard squash, acorn squash, buttercup squash, dumpling squash, A look at blue canning jars, Juicing watermelon rind, homemade salad dressing, keeping water in you soil, Holly talks about new changes coming for The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener


Milk Crate Gardening: The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Extra 5

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Joey shows it is very easy to have a small garden in a milk crate no matter where you live show 19 minute 17:57 Joey shows  how to make a milk crate planter
show 26 minute  18:00 Joey shows how he plants the milk crate

The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Show 32

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Planting Cucumbers, Herb planting, Eating weeds, Dandelions, creeping charlie, lambs quarters, Planting Zucchini by trellis, An easier way to harvest leaf lettuce