Carrying Handtools & Options for Watering Seedlings -The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Extra 40

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Joey shows some options to carry handtools to and from the garden for convenience.  Holly shows different options to water your seedlings.

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Canning Jars Maintenance & Tips On warming soil/seed The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Extra 39

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In this weeks video Holly talks and shows what to look for in your canning jars to be sure they are safe to use and reminds you to go through jars that have food in them see if they are out dated. Joey talk about ways to have your seeds to grow better in the house.

Organic Gardening & Prepping Monthly – March 2013 – Newsletter

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Every month we are putting out a free newsletter covering organic gardening, sustainability, prepping, etc.  We have different contributors from different areas of the world.

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