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The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Show 31

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Planting Tomatoes, Planting Peppers, A easier was to water you plants, self watering containers easy to make and cheap.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIzGK-qnV_I&feature=plcp  (Field 16) http://gardenfrugal.com/videos/diy-watering-container-10/


The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Show 30

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Planting all types of beans in the garden, Homemade compost bin, reusing soda bottle  caps, planting Parsnips, new place to grow food at.

The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Show 29

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Planting Bok Choy in partial shade, flowers in the garden for bees, Email inbox question about planting in a dresser drawer, broadcasting carrots seeds, items used to plant food on your porch