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The Gardner’s Hollow Leg : The Gardener’s Hollow Leg is a fabric sack attached to a belt that is worn while you are working in the garden. It’s ideal for doing light pruning, spot-weeding, general neatening & harvesting. Save 10% use veggies at checkout.  valid till Dec 31,2018 Click of picture to got to website 

Eco Garden Systems: Made of recycled materials in the U.S It is a raised garden bed offers sustainable organic gardening that is environmentally sound. Use coupon code Wiveg125 to save $125 & Free Shipping (a $250 vale) on the Eco Garden Original
Garden unit only in stone color must be purchased through the Eco Garden Systems website valid till Dec 31,2018 Click of picture to got to website 
MI Gardener  #1 for heirloom seeds only .99cent per pack! Over 450 varieties of seeds & shipping that starts at $2.50 Use coupon code SHARE10 to save 10% off your 1st order. Click of picture to got to website 

Happy Leaf Led: Affordable, commercial quality LED grow lights very little energy use made in the U.S.A Use Coupon Code WVG at checkout to save 5% on orders over $50.00. valid till Dec 31,2018 Click of picture to got to website 


Handy Safety Knife: for those seeking an alternative to conventional utility knives and box cutters, the handy solution is unique ring knife known as the Handy Safety Knife. Use promo code WVG to get 10% off & free shipping one time use only  for home or work use valid till Dec 31,2018  great for gardeners

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Tall Earth: Eco-Safe Wood Treatment products protect wood bonding on a molecular level & reacting with the wood’s natural tannin to produce a unique, silvery aged-wood finish. Made with ingredients that are safe for people, animals & the environment.
15% on orders placed on, use WISCONVEG at checkout \

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Bio Safe :Garden line offers a diverse array of eco-friendly products to support all facets of plant life, products that do not leave a lasting footprint Save 10% on your next order use coupon code TWVG at check out. Click of picture to got to website