Each week from April 18, 2020 – June 6, 2020 a give away will be presented to listeners of The Wisconsin Vegetable gardener radio show. By listing to The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener radio show you will have a chance to will a prize packages from  no purchase necessary. Open to listener 18 years and older and living the contagious united states this give away each week has a end date. The winner will be notified via email on each Thursday and will have 7 days to reply to claim their price. The prize will be shipped to you.

A question is asked each week on The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener radio show and to enter the chance to win you must email with the correct answer and in the subject line put enter me. all correct answer will be put together and a winner will be drawn one entry per person and entries do not carry over to the next week’s drawing

Following each drawing emails are deleted of all that entered

Question for giveaway one is:

Are the green seed pods on a radish plant edible

send an email to with your Answer

giveaway ends at 9 AM cst May 28 , 2020

Here’s the details on the products in the giveaway each week.

1 Gallon FISH & SEAWEED BLEND 2 – 3 – 1

Neptune’s Harvest Organic Fish & Seaweed Blend Fertilizer gives you the perfect blend of hydrolyzed fish and seaweed, ensuring a complete fertilization program.

It will increased yield, flavor, nutritional value and improved shelf life on fruits and vegetables. Fish and Seaweed are known to build the natural sugar in plants. Insects can’t digest sugar, so they will stay away from your crops, if you use

1 oz. per gallon of water, once a week. Foliar spray the leaves early in the morning. It’s also a great deer repellent!

1 – 4 lb. Bag CRAB & LOBSTER SHELL 5-3-0

Neptune’s Harvest Organic Crab & Lobster Shell is an excellent dry organic plant food, containing Calcium (17%) and Magnesium (1%). It helps with grubs, slugs, ants, fungus, powdery mildew, and blossom end rot.

Mix it in deep into the soil/compost before planting. The roots will reach for the shell chunks, driving them deep. The deeper the roots, the stronger the plants, and the higher the yield.

Crab Shell should be worked in the soil, once a year, before planting. It shows amazing results on all plants.


Neptune’s Harvest biting insect repellant by Best Yet is made from Cedar Oil, which is a natural repellent. It’s the ultimate in relief from Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks, No-See-Ums and Gnats. It’s Deet free and safe for you, your children, and your pets.

It’s really great for keeping ticks off you and your pets! It can be applied directly to the skin or over clothing, before you head out to garden. It is clear and non-staining and will leave the skin feeling smooth.

Also, 1 shirt, 1 hat, 2 koozies and 2 stickers.

 It’s a $150.00 value.